How To Diet And Lose Weight Without Feeling Hungry

One of the worst things about dieting is the feeling that you are always hungry. Whatever you eat that is within the “parameters” of what you are allowed to, you never seem to get filled up. Either that or you might get filled up for now, but within the next hour you are even hungrier than you were before. It’s like everything you eat is just an appetizer but the main course never seems to come to your table.
That is the dilemma that a lot of people experience with diet regimens. Going on one basically means you are subjecting yourself outside of your comfort zone, whatever that may be. If you are used to eating whatever you can set your sights on, dieting is the complete opposite of that. One of the newest diet trends to hit society is the HCG diet program, which is supposed to be one of the best alternatives available out there today and those that have tried it swear by the program. Of course, it does not come without its HCG diet dangers and other precautions


One of the key elements of the HCG program is the strict healthy eating diet health plan it comes with besides the daily injection of the hormone (HCG). In this diet, you are only allowed to consume a maximum of 500 calories per day. If you have five meals per day, this means that an average of 100 calories per meal can be consumed. For an ordinary individual used to a caloric diet that amounts to 2,000 per day, this can prove to be quite difficult to do. The immediate drop from 2,000 to 500 calories can prove to be too much and HCG diet dangers can be seen. For instance, you will always feel hungry from the restrictions in the volume and food groups you are allowed to consume. However, there are certain ways to get around the HCG diet and lose weight without feeling hungry all of the time despite the limit of 500 calories per day.


A simple yet effective way to lose weight without feeling hungry and experience the onset of the HCG diet dangers is to split your meals throughout the day. For example, if you are used to three meals a day, split it into five or six meals. When you eat food, not everything is absorbed by the body. This means that no matter how nutritious the food is, a chunk of it will not be absorbed by the body and will only be expelled some time later. After it is digested, you will feel hungry again. Since you have caloric restrictions, you cannot do anything but wait hours until you can have your next meal. In between, you will feel hungry ultimate guide weight as it is which results to dizziness and disorientation as well as lack of focus. By splitting your meals into smaller portions, you are ensuring the absorption of all the nutrients of the food you eat without being hungry. Other than that, splitting your meals into smaller and more frequent portions also gives you smaller spaces in between meals. This means that every two to three hours, you will be able to eat another meal. Of course, this has to be in complete accordance to the HCG diet program as well as the type of food you are allowed to eat.


Another way to avoid feeling hungry while dieting is to avoid exercising to the point of getting exhausted. Since you are only consuming 500 calories per day, your energy will become very limited as long as you are on the HCG diet. When you exercise, you are burning off calories in your body. This is actually a good thing most especially if you are on a regular diet. However, with this one, HCG diet dangers can potentially happen because of your limitations. Other than that, you will instantly feel very hungry if you do strenuous exercises in between meals. You are still able to exercise and lose excess weight without feeling hungry, which is recommended, but limited to only a few simple things. For instance, you can walk for a few minutes per day as a simple form of exercise while on the HCG diet. By doing this, you will avoid getting hungry as well as overexert yourself by health running jogging running. You do not want to burn more calories than you are eating as that will result to HCG diet dangers.


As a tip, you can also choose what food you eat that can shove the feeling of hunger a little further than normal. Choose food groups (within the HCG diet parameters) that are very slow burning as well as energy density foods and stay in your stomach for longer periods of time. For example, oats are known to burn slowly. So, if you have this for breakfast as well as a piece of fruit, you can expect to feel quite full until your next meal arrives. Food groups such as fish are quick to burn and only stay in your stomach for a couple of hours. After that, you will feel hungry again. Not saying that you should not eat fish, but you should plan your meals as to when will you be the most active. Slow-burning food should be eaten where you need energy the most, such as before going to work. Faster-burning food can be eaten at night when you are the least active and going to rest mode.


Finally, there are lots of ways you can avoid getting hungry and steer clear of HCG diet dangers. By getting informed of everything you are allowed to eat and the combination of food you can have, getting hungry is a notion that you can just forget about and drop dress size quickly. On the other hand, if you are unsure about your program, you can consult your dietician with the right way to approach the HCG diet for a guide weight success. There is no singular way to approach a diet program, especially one as tedious as injecting daily doses of HCG hormone and restricting yourself to a very rigid diet. Make sure that your diet is tailored to your needs and your lifestyle to avoid experiencing unnecessary consequences and HCG diet dangers.


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