How to Exercise on a HCG Diet

The HCG diet is a very popular program among people who want to lose weight fast and effectively. HCG is a hormone that is used to treat people who are unable to bear children or are infertile. The drug has been around for half of the last century and is very popular among those that are trying to have kids. However, it has been discovered that HCG can actually help make a person lose weight by melting away stubborn fat in different parts of the body. Matched with a very strict diet program, the hormone is said to be one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Exercise is also a huge factor in weight loss, which is why a lot of people who diet work out rigorously to further accelerate the speed of weight loss. However, being in this diet plan, there are certain things that need to be considered for HCG diet dangers as well as the limitations with exercises to achieve goal.


There is no doubt that exercise and rigorous work outs do help a great deal in developing muscles, tone and burning fat in the body. Under normal circumstances such as eating normally or being under a simple high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet will not present problems for you. However, the HCG diet is a very different story. In this program, you will only be allowed to consume up to 500 calories a day, which limits your options when it comes to the food that you will eat which results to starving body exercisingreducing calories. For instance, low-calorie dietfoods such as oats, vegetables, fish, organic products and purposefully increase lean protein intake are the only things that you are allowed to eat. Forget about the high-protein steak sitting in your freezer as you are not allowed to eat that with the HCG diet. For example, your breakfast may only consist of a piece of fruit and a glass of low-calorie soy milk. If you have been used to bacon and eggs for breakfast, the HCG diet will take that away from you. However, the diet is not the real issue with HCG diet dangers and calories true starvation. It is the amount of exercise that one does while under the program that can present some dangers with low calories sustain caloric intake.


If you are under the diet, you might have noticed that you started feeling weak when you began with the 500 calorie a day program. Now, you want to exercise but you kind of feel like you do not have the energy or somewhat lazy. Do not mistake your feeling for laziness as this is your body adjusting to the very low amount of calories you are taking in everyday and the HCG Weight Loss Drops as well. If you desire to exercise and learn weight cure guide, know that you can do some but are limited to certain types of exercises that mode classes burn. Whether you are young or old, the effects of the HCG diet to the human body is the same regardless of what age you are.


When you are going to start exercising to achieve goal, you should start by only taking short walks for the meantime. Running during your first week of the program will definitely give you some HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) diet dangers such as nausea, weakness and even fainting. When you are just in the beginning phase of the diet, short walks around your block will definitely suffice. Or, if you have a treadmill, set it for a slow and steady pace that you can walk on for a few minutes. Do not worry about being stuck in this type of program for the meantime as your body is adjusting to the calorie intake as well as the effort you are exerting for weight health wellness. Over time, you can increase the intensity of your program as your body regains strength such as being able to run for short periods of time and being able to do some weight training exercises. However, even if your body has adjusted and you feel that you can do a lot more than you normally can, a conscious effort must be given to only do what is within your limits. Although you feel strong during the exercise, you will feel the after effects after the adrenaline has worn down. You will come crashing down as fast as you felt like you were going up with strength and endurance.


While you are exercising, it would be a wise idea to wear a heart monitor to check on your blood pressure every once in a while. Although maintaining a high heart rate during exercise is ideal, the same thing cannot be said as HCG diet dangers are going to be imminent with true starvation mode classes. You are very low on energy supply so having a high heart rate means you are burning more calories every minute. Remember, when this happens you are burning more than you consume. While this is good for losing weight, this can be dangerous for your health and make you become ill. Try and maintain a steady incline with exercise progress, making sure that your body can take it without causing harm. As you build tolerance, you will be able to do a lot more things while maintaining the strict 500 calorie diet. The HCG diet dangers with exercising are a very serious issue that everyone who is under the program should take very serious consideration of. Regardless of what you have been told, do not by any means exert much effort during the beginning stages of this diet as you will only be doing more damage to your body than progress.


Finally, HCG diet dangers can be prevented by consulting with your doctor as well as personal trainer before you do any forms of exercise. You must first be cleared of any issues you have such as existing conditions and/or illnesses. If you have a condition that can present potential harm, being under the program will cause HCG diet dangers especially if you only hear about diet success stories. Once you have been tested and cleared for good health, ask your personal trainer (if applicable) to make a program suited for your strict caloric intake. If not, you can always do some research online pertaining to the exercise programs you can do for the amount of calories you consume.


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