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The HCG diet has many proponents even if there are HCG diet dangers involved. This is because the diet plan allows the person to lose fatty deposits in the body quickly without having to spend a lot of money. Many dieters have given the plan glowing reviews because they have found success in losing weight quickly. However, recent reports have shown that although the HCG diet can help a person lose and manage weight, there are some associated HCG diet dangers. Before embarking on this type of drastic weight loss regimen, it makes sense to familiarize yourself with the topic so you can be aware of the risks involved..


The HCG diet works through a combination of drastic caloric consumption, combined with HCG supplements, which are supposed to aid the body to significantly burn off the excess fat, reduce hunger, resulting in weight loss. The treatment plan involves three phases. It begins with a loading phase for two days, wherein the individual eats anything regardless of caloric and fat content. In the maintenance phase, the dieter cuts back calories to only 500 a day while taking HCG supplements. In the stabilization phase, the caloric intake is increased to 800 to 1000 a day. This type of eating and dieting can result in a growing number of HCG diet dangers that can affect your long term health.


It can be expensive


The HCG treatment isn’t cheap. If you want to get the injection, you need to get a doctor to write a prescription for the supplement. Also, you need to be carefully monitored to ensure your health, as the doctor will closely guide you through the process. This can cost money, especially if you don’t have insurance. As an alternative, some believers have switched to oral drops, which are less expensive and more readily available. However, you may not be assured of the quality of the product if you buy it from dubious sources or from abroad. Be aware of scams that can sell fake or low quality HCG products, as this can present many HCG diet dangers.

At the same time, there can be long term HCG diet dangers that have yet to be discovered. While many believe that using HCG is short of a miracle, there may be long term risks involved that can affect your overall health and fitness. In the long run, it may become more expensive to treat these health fitness problems. These can include problems with your heart and infertility.


It’s not easy


There is no miracle pill or drug that can make weight loss easy. The most effective weight loss tip is also the least popular: diet and exercise. Going on an extremely low calorie diet is hard to do, especially since the body needs about 2000 calories a day. Dropping down to 500 calories a day can make you feel hunger like you’ve never felt before. Also, you need to stay away from sugary and starchy food items while on this diet plan. For many people, this may be impossible, since starchy and sugary foods, such as fast food and treats are often the ones with the most flavor and are the most pleasurable to eat.


If you choose to go on this diet of less calorie intake, you need to be aware that it won’t be a ride in the park when you’re losing weight. You will need to do an injection regularly or take oral drops throughout the day. Also, you may be placing yourself at risk for HCG diet dangers. Diet restrictive plans can cause a lot of stress on the person because of the calorie restrictions. At the same time, introducing additional hormones in the body may cause various mild to severe side effects.


There are physical side effects


Going on an excessive caloric restriction will obviously result in weight loss since there are less calories for your body to burn. This is can be a boon for those suffering from obesity. On the positive end, some reports have shown that going on the HGC diet can lower the risk of ovarian cancer. Also taking away sugar from the body will lower the risk of developing other diseases, especially diabetes.

However, HCG diet dangers that people experience include migraines, headaches, irritability and nausea due to the drop in blood sugar. The first couple days are the most difficult for the dieters due to the drastic changes. Constipation is another problem.


It may not be long term


One of the HCG diet dangers is that it can give you false hope or a misplaced sense of complacency about your health fitness weight. Losing weight permanently though isn’t always easy. Once you achieve your ideal weight goal and get off the plan, you may find that you can’t keep the weight off. Doing a natural detox health diet may be more effective in the long run. There are many ways rapid weight diet can be done but it won’t always work unless you make it a part of your daily lifestyle.


The weight secrets revealed by some plans are really based on common sense in many cases. There are many ways rapid weight loss can be achieved, but not all are healthy. Be aware of the risks involved, aside from just the benefits of any extremely calorie restrictive diets. In the end, the best ultimate weight secrets come down to a healthy and well balanced diet combined with exercise so you can lose weight fast.

You must talk to your doctor about the HCG diet dangers so you can determine if there are safer alternatives for you to achieve your weight loss goals.


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