Friendly Food

The foods listed below are the ONLY food allowed on the Eating Plan. Do not deviate because you will not achieve the optimum results. Never assume something is the same type of food as those indicated.



Serving Size is 100 grams defrosted
Red Meat: Beef Lean (any beef without fat)
  Veal Lean
Poultry: Chicken Breast only (no skin)
  Turkey Breast only (no skin)
  Ostrich Breast only (no skin)
Fish: Tuna In water/brine - drained
  Prawns Not crumbed or with batter and weigh only what you eat

Protein: Dairy Products

The following proteins should be eaten cautiously and infrequently as they may tend to slow weight loss
Serving Size is 70 grams
Yoghurt: Plain Yoghurt 175ml Low / Fat Free (less than 2% fat) No flavoured yoghurts!
Cheeses: Mozarella Cheese  
  Cottage Cheese (plain) Fat Free / Low Fat. Not flavoured
  Ricotta Cheese  
  Feta Cheese Restriction of Feta of maximum once a week
Eggs: One whole egg with three egg whites Boiled, poached or scrambled or microwaved


Serving Size is 120 grams raw weight
You may combine as many veggies from the list as you like, as long as the combined weight is 120 grams
Asparagus May use tinned asparagus (be aware that high intake of asparagus may cause your urine to smell)
Baby Marrow  
Onion maximum 2 tablespoons per day
Tomato maximum ½ per meal - 1 per day
Gem Squash Use cooked weight - cook in shell, scoop out and weigh
Green Pepper Only green
Patty Pans Only green
Eggplant Maximum 1 serving per day
Green Beans Maximum 1 serving per day
Brussels Sprouts  

Fresh Fruit (no dried/juice/tinned fruit)

Daily allowance is 2 - One at a time
Unless specified, use a medium sized fruit
Try to have an apple as one of your fruits, because of the fibre content. If it triggers you hunger (as it does with some people) elimate it.
Apricot 2 x Medium = 1 fruit  
Grapefruit ½ grapefruit = 1 fruit  
Naartjie (Mandarin)    
Paw-paw 180gm = 1 fruit (not papino or papaya)  
Green Melon 180gm = 1 fruit  
Kiwi 160gm = 1 fruit  


Carbohydrates are restricted while you are on the Eating Plan, to allow the balance in the body to be restored.
Daily allowance is 5, unless specified - Maximum of 2 per serving
Eat with meals or as snacks
The only carbohydrates allowed while on the Eating Plan are:
Provita Original  
Pyotts Hi-Toast Cracker Bread Original - orange box  
Rice Cakes 2½ = Daily allowance  
Rye Vita 2½ = Daily allowance  


NO oil, margarine, butter or fat of any kind may be used.
You may use Spray & Cook, or Cook & Bake, or Olive Oil Spray & Cook (always in moderation).
These allow you to do a stir-fry meal, or fry your egg, or make an omelet!
With a bit of creativity, your meals need not be boring and basic.

Condiments and Herbs

You may use:

• Black Pepper (not Red or white pepper), Curry (check for starches), Mustard (powder only),
• Vinegar (brown/white), Balsamic Vinegar, Garlic
• All Herbs (e.g. Basil, Rosemary, Oregano, etc) eg. Mix all together and use with a grinder.
• PURE SPICES like Tumeric, Cinnamon, but not mixes, such as Barbeque Spice, Aromat, etc.
• Limited amounts of Salt. (Excessive use of salt causes water retention)
• 1 level teaspoon a day of NOLA Lite- a Low Fat Mayonnaise / Slimmonaise


It is important to check that, if you are having dried herbs or spices, that there is no starch added. Many manufacturers add modified starch, crushed cereal, cornflour, or some other starch agent- these will interfere with your results.
Also watch out for preservatives and additives like MSG.


* Cinnamon - Helps regulate the menstrual cycle and checks flooding during menopause. It has a tranquilizing effect that helps reduce anxiety and stress. Early research suggests that cinnamon may help improve both glucose and cholesterol levels in the blood, a finding that may prove especially important for diabetics. In a study, type 2 diabetics who consumed as little as a gram of cinnamon per day experienced an improvement in their blood glucose levels after 40 days.


Tap or Mineral Water (not flavoured) & Cold-drinks:

2 – 4 Liters of water every day. (Not more than 4 - not less than 2)
By choice: You may also have 1 Liter of DIET fizzy drink per day e.g.
TAB, Soda Water, Sprite Zero, Diet Pepsi, (limitation on Schweppes Lemon Lite – only max. 1 can of 340ml per day)
No Diet Coke or Coke Lite!


Coffee & Tea:

As much as you like but no milk or sugar. (No milk: Not skim milk, powdered milk or fat free milk!)
No sugar, but artificial sweeteners may be used.


Only use 100% pure coffee (e.g. Ciro, Jacobs, Nescafe, Filter coffee)
Not allowed: chicory blends like Ricoffee/Frisco
Coffees are not limited but if the intake exceeds 8 cups a day, use De-caffeinated coffee.


Any brands, but no flavoured or fruit teas. (no Berry tea or Lemon and Honey tea).
All pure Herbal Teas are allowed (i.e. Jasmine, Chamomile, Rooibos, etc)
You may cut a slice of lemon to put in your tea.


It is important to take a good multi-vitamin supplement while on the Eating Plan.
Take one vitamin every morning after breakfast.


B6 must be under 5mg for the day, as it can trigger hunger. Ensure a sufficient content of Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and Zinc and ideally, Chromium.

Some ideas for food preparation

• Use TAB or Diet Sprite to cook food in: For example: Sweet & Sour Chicken Stir-Fry with vegetables using TAB, Vinegar, Herbs and Garlic.
• Food can be steamed, grilled, stir-fried, boiled, or fried in Spray-n-Cook.
• A non-stick frying pan is a useful tool.
• Use the Provitas or Cracker bread to make crumbed chicken or to add crunch to a salad or your yoghurt.
• Use the fruit (e.g. lemon) from your allowance to give the food some extra flavour
• Sweeteners add taste to meals.
• A salad dressing can be made-up by combining Vinegar, Herbs, Garlic, Water, Mayonnaise and Sweeteners.
• You can make up soups, curries and stews by combining your condiments, herbs and water.


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