HCG Diet Dangers – Myths & Facts

What is HCG diet?


HCG diet is a low calorie meal plan that includes HCG Weight Loss Drops to achieve an ideal weight. HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone naturally occurring in both genders, is administered orally in safe lower doses to aid in weight loss.


Why the HCG Diet Dangers and HCG Diet Side Effects?


It is important to get the product from a reliable source to avoid the possible HCG diet dangers and HCG diet side effects. Increased public interest and unawareness about quality has led to the marketing of fraudulent products; these sham products are usually responsible for the supposed HCG diet dangers and HCG diet side effects.


What Are The Myths and The Facts?


There are quite a few myths about HCG diet dangers and HCG diet side effects; these question the safety and efficiency of a HCG diet plan. These myths sprout from wrong beliefs about the diet plan. Getting the facts right is very essential to bust the myths about HCG diet dangers.


Myth 1- The HCG diet plan demands dangerously restrictive calorie consumption.


Facts that bust this myth: The suggested calorie intake – As in any logical weight loss program, the HCG diet plan cuts down on oral calorie consumption; the exact amount being 500 calories per day. The recommended duration – This restriction is only during the initial phase of plan. Normal calorific requirement - It only appears to be too low for normal body function as the normal suggested calorific daily intake is at least 1000 to 2000 calories. Restriction is not dangerous - The HCG drops compensates for the shortage in calories; it simply enables the body to tap into the fat reserves to meet the rest of the calorie requirements.


Myth 2- Taking HCG Weight Loss Drops is useless and ineffective.


Facts that bust this myth: Following a healthy meal plan and exercise without HCG Weight Loss Drops is not a solution to weight loss. HCG drops are necessary to work on the body fat deposits, and much needed for weight loss.The HCG drops must be complemented with healthy food habits, both during and after the program. Gobbling sugary and fatty calorie-rich food does make it ineffective.Unhealthy food habits definitely come through practice. The HCG diet program only aims to provide positive behavioral changes; blaming food cravings as one of HCG diet dangers or HCG diet side effects is plainly unjust.


Myth 3- HCG Drops are most dangerous.


Facts that bust this myth: Although there might be mild HCG diet side effects due to lesser calorie intake, there are no apparent HCG diet dangers as the myth suggests. HCG drops are administered orally at spaced intervals, 3 times a day; this natural hormone is present in pregnant women in similar or higher levels. This substantiates the fact that HCG diet dangers and HCG diet side effects are only a baseless claim.


Myth 4- It is an unsafe weight loss plan that demands no exercise.


Facts that bust this myth: The weight loss program requires no exercise initially because physical exertion is not advised during 500 calorie intake; exercise expels energy by burning calories.The diet plan holds no HCG diet dangers simply because it is planned out to serve the energy requirements of the body. A 500 calorie healthy meal plan includes whole fruits, many cups of vegetables, between 110gm and 220 gm servings of lean meat and low-carbohydrate bread. This eating habit definitely does not require exercise.The explicit weight loss and good health are not HCG diet dangers; they only serve as a great incentive to follow right eating habits and maintain the ideal weight.

Why Myths Shroud the Facts?


Skeptical people voice vague opinions about HCG diet dangers and HCG diet side effects. Lack of proper knowledge lead to baseless claims about the HCG diet dangers. People refuse to believe that there is be a workable and successful weight loss program. HCG diet plan poses serious threat to the businesses of the pharmaceutical companies that benefit by floating news about HCG diet dangers and HCG diet side effects. Myths about HCG diet dangers are opinions of people who have not tried the program, and who have got their facts mixed up. The weight loss program works only for loyal and rigid followers - in vain, people spread false news about HCG diet dangers and HCG diet side effects.


How The Diet Works?


In conjunction with properly dosed HCG drops, the low-calorie diet plan makes for a great jump start in the weight loss program. In addition to signaling hypothalamus to mobilize the fat deposits, HCG works as an appetite suppressant, and compliments the restriction in oral calorific intake. Dieters get into the habit of eating right for the sake of losing weight. The diet plan includes vegetables, fruits and lean meat with no added fat, sugars or carbohydrate. The subsequent carbohydrate intake comes from whole grains and cereals. The HCG diet side effects are common to any new diet change; the possible HCG diet side effects include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation.


Are There Any HCG Diet Side Effects?


Yes. HCG diet side effects do occur in some individuals. Mild HCG diet side effects like lightheadedness, irritability and nausea cannot be labeled as HCG diet dangers or drastic HCG diet side effects. Every individual differs in body energy requirement; therefore, consult your physician and dietician to find your ideal meal plan. Also, be aware of the HCG diet side effects mentioned in fine print including blood clots, temporary hair thinning and leg cramps.


Do Benefits Really Outweigh Probable Risk? People have boldly tread this supposedly scary path; that constitutes HCG diet dangers and HCG diet side effects;only to enjoy successful weight loss.
Obese people have lost pounds and become medically fit; this counters the allegation about HCG diet dangers and HCG diet side effects.
Unwanted pregnancy is one of the possible HCG diet dangers, although this side effect can help people wishing to conceive.
Despite the many myths regarding HCG diet dangers, and all the scary opinions about HCG diet side effects, people have tried the HCG diet plan, and achieved successful weight loss.


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