HCG Diet – Help or Hype?

The HCG diet is popular with many people in spite of the many HCG diet dangers that are possibly associated with the diet plan.
The HCG diet has received a lot of media attention and weight news insights, especially from doctors and dieters because it can be construed either as a weight miracle hype, or a truly effective diet plan that is based on mind body diets to help achieve healthy living weight goals.
This is because of the dramatic weight loss stories from those who have tried the diet and have made it work for them.
With the growing trend toward health mind body diets, it’s no wonder that this approach is becoming more popular by the minute, even with HCG diet dangers around.

As with all diet plans or issues relating to body diets weight, there are inherent risks. When it comes to mind body diets weight, dieters need to take things with a grain of salt and be sure to evaluate and think about not only the benefits of the plan, but also the possible diet dangers, especially HCG diet dangers. When it comes to a diet looking past the immediate weight loss and instead scrutinizing the long term value of the diet must be done. There are some reported HCG diet dangers that you need to be aware about. While people lose weight on the HCG diet, they may also develop some problems that can become health issues in the long term future.


It’s extremely effective in weight loss


The main reason why this diet is popular is because it works. Many can experience weight loss on this low calorie diet, as much as a pound a day or thirty pounds a week is possible. Because this type of diet is one of many very low calorie restrictive diets, the dieters can have dramatic weight loss. From the usual two thousand daily calorie intake, the plan adheres to no more than taking five hundred calories a day. At the same time, removing sugar and starch food items from the diet and avoiding fast food can have a positive effect on fluctuating blood sugar levels in the body, especially for those with diabetes.


If monitoring your daily calories to achieve fast weight loss sounds like something that will appeal to you, keep in mind that many restrictive diets can have a negative effect on the physical and mental condition of the person. There are a number of diet crash dangers. Restricting the calorie intake of the person can put the person at risk for malnutrition and starvation. This is why one way to avoid HCG diet dangers is to take a good vitamin supplement that has B complex vitamins. A person can feel stress from having a limited number of food options, such as only cabbage soup.


Physical side effects


Aside from the weight loss, there are other side effects and HCG diet dangers associated with this diet plan that you may not have anticipated. Some people have reported hair loss. Some women on the diet plan have reported losing their sex drive. This is one way that the diet program presents HCG diet dangers to the reproductive system of the person. Some patients have reported an increase in blood pressure.


Also, you need to be aware that long term studies on this diet are limited, so you don’t know if you are placing yourself at risk for cancer when you go on the HCG diet. While studies have shown that it may decrease the risk for ovarian cancer in women, it is undetermined if taking the hormone gonadotropin can cause cancer in the breast, liver, muscles and other human body organs. These are just some dangerous considerations that shouldn’t be ignored when it comes to taking any type of hormone supplement, as well as going on low calorie diets.


Not all hormones are created equally


Among HCG diet dangers that are present, the one that presents a significant risk is the fact that not all HCG sold in the market is regulated. This means that a consumer may not always get the same quality of the hormone. This is especially true of off market brands are purchased, such as the one you get when buying from abroad. The dosage amounts may differ. While the cost may be cheaper, you don’t necessarily know exactly what you are getting. There are many scams that add to the HCG diet dangers that place your life and health at risk.


If you are taking the hormone by injection, then you need to make sure the administration is done gradually and under the supervision of a doctor. Always check with your doctor before you change the dose or you decide to change prescriptions. Buy only brands made by a reputable and trusted company. This is one way to limit the dangers of taking hormone injections.


There is a need for a lifestyle change


To achieve permanent weight loss, you need to make it a policy to cut back on calories and eat healthy food items. Exercise should also be part of your daily routine. The HCG diet isn’t meant to be a long term diet plan as it is not easily sustainable. Also, there are safety issues that happen alongside with the success of this diet plan. HCG diet dangers are present and can increase in anyone who tries to take the hormone for longer that the prescription period.


These are just some weight news insights sign about the going on the HCG diet. While there are benefits, you must weight carefully and decide if the HCG diet dangers far outweigh the benefits.


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