How To Lose Love Handles Fast With a HCG Diet

Dieters who want to lose weight fast often turn to the HCG diet even with the reported risks and HCG diet dangers associated with the weight loss plan. Out of desperation, many people have tried countless diet plans and joined the diet trend in the quest to lose weight quickly, even at the risk of subjecting their body to various health problems and medical symptoms in the future. The HCG diet is popular with people trying to lose weight because it targets the hard to lose fatty deposits found in the arms, thighs and belly. Many have successfully lost weight with the HCG diet, but it bears taking a second look at the plan to see if the dangers, especially HCG diet dangers outweigh the possible benefits.

Many people turn to the HCG diet as a method of rapid weight loss, especially in stubborn areas in the body such as if you want to lose love handles. While it is effective in helping people trying to lose weight, there may be some side effects and HCG diet dangers that you need to be aware of before starting the diet. There is a strong question on the actual need of using the HCG supplement as part of the diet, given that the diet is based on a very low calorie restrictive diet. This is because you will automatically lose weight fast when you cut back on your calories, especially when as severely as down to less than one fourth of your daily caloric needs.


Diet plan tips to keep in mind


If you want to lose weight on the HCG diet, you need to restrict your daily calorie intake to no more than a five hundred a day low calorie diet plan during the second phase of the treatment. This very low caloric intake can present HCG diet dangers to people, especially those who are nursing, have existing health problems like diabetes and high blood pressure.


You need to also remove all food sources of sugar and starch in your diet. This is crucial if you want the diet to work. Nothing with starch and sugar includes avoiding pasta, pastries, breads, rice, desserts and other baked goods. Fruits are also to be avoided since these contain sugar, making it similar to the Atkins Diet. This needs to be done for the next four weeks of the plan for you to notice a change in your body. Avoid eating fast food items. Some people eat cabbage soup. Your entrees should be comprised of grilled lean meats such as beef and chicken. By sticking to this meal plan, you can lose weight quickly. Love handles women will be a thing of the past.


You must remember though that while eating this way is a reliable for some fast weightloss, you may experience constipation and other health issues as one of many HCG diet dangers. You may have the hardest time when you go to the bathroom, although many patients find that using laxatives can help with the problem and help get rid of toxins. Also, limiting the types of food you eat may result in a complaint on your part about the lack of variety. When boredom sets in, it becomes harder to stick to the diet.


Take supplements


Because of the restricted amount of calories, you need to take a good B complex vitamin supplement aside from the HCG. This way, you can fill in any nutritional gaps and you can minimize any HCG diet dangers. You also need to drink a lot of water, as much as a gallon a day. This will help flush out toxins in your body.


Consult a doctor


As with any drastic weight calorie crash diet plan or low calorie diet, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor before beginning treatment to lose weight. Discuss your weight plans with the medical health professional to make sure it’s realistic. Get the right consumer guide diet dangers and find the answers to frequently asked questions.


Avoid HCG diet dangers by buying from reputable sources


To minimize HCG diet dangers, buy your hormones from reliable sources only. If you choose to take the oral drops, be sure to purchase only for reputable dealers, especially if you are buying it from abroad. HCG diet dangers can present themselves if you purchase fake or low quality hormones. You must also follow the instructions carefully, especially the administration of the HGC.




You can’t target weight loss but you can strengthen your core muscles to help you shedding love handles lose weight. Flex stomach twisting bring it forward when you do crunches as well as side bends to help rid of those stubborn love handles. Exercise will help tone your body as you lose weight. However, take things slow and easy. One of the HCG diet dangers is that because you are on a very low calorie diet, you may not have enough energy to work out.


If you want to be on your way to achieving super size health and looking your best and go about shedding love handles lose weight, approach your weight loss by checking your daily calories, research effective and balanced diet plans and make sure to exercise. You can lose weight quickly safely and effectively. This way, you can avoid any HCG diet dangers, lose the love handles and excess fat and avoid placing your long term health at risk.


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