Best Way To Lose Weight After Pregnancy With HCG Diet?

Women who want to lose weight after pregnancy may try a variety of ways to go about it, including the HCG Diet in spite of the HCG diet dangers. This is a diet plan that has been around a while and has gained much media attention in recent years because of the drastic weight loss diet success stories. Some dieters have reported significantly losing as much as 30 pounds a month or a pound a day. Since pregnant women often have a 30 to 40 pound weight gain during pregnancy, women may feel compelled to try to lose the postpartum weight just as quickly. Before embarking on any type of diet plan, it’s best to learn more about it because these can be HCG diet dangers.


The HCG diet was developed by Dr. Albert Simeons. What makes this diet different from other diet plans is aside from being a very low calorie diet plan, it is supplemented by the use of human chorionic gonadotrophin or HCG. When in the body, this hormone is supposed to curb the appetite and compel the hypothalamus to instead release stored fat in the body. The results are instant weight loss for many people. However, just like all other diet plans, there are HCG diet dangers associated with this plan. It is also especially risky for women who have just given birth for a number of reasons.


It’s drastic


Losing weight pregnancy fat and pounds gained isn’t easy to do. After all, it’s normal to have weight gain during pregnancy, which takes nine months to gain that weight, so don’t expect your body to lose it all in a few weeks. The HCG diet begins by overloading on calories for two days. This is to create additional fat stores in the body. In the second phase of the HCG diet, dieters need to be on a very restricted calorie diet. Dieters can eat no more than 500 calories a day. At the same time, dieters on this plan need to avoid all sugars and starch. For many people, this will be very difficult to do since many are used to eating meat with potatoes or enjoying a small sliver of dessert after meals. Drastic diet plans aren’t always practical, reasonable or doable and can have HCG diet dangers.


According to proponents of the plan, taking in the HCG hormone supplement will relieve of you hunger pangs. Part of the HCG diet dangers is that it tricks the body to metabolize calories differently. Also, because it is so drastic, dieters may not always have the discipline to see the diet plan through. As research shows, the only way to effectively lose weight and keep it off is through a proper regimen of a healthy balanced diet combined with exercise.


It’s a very low calorie diet


If you plan to breastfeed, this plan can present HCG diet dangers for you and your baby. Nursing women need to consume more calories than when pregnant in order to be able to produce breast milk. After delivering a baby, it’s more important to care for the baby and ensure his health rather than to try and get your bikini body back at all costs. Being on such a low calorie diet may not give you enough energy to meet the demands of caring for a newborn.


A woman’s body is still adjusting hormonally after pregnancy


It’s not a good idea to trick your body and introduce more hormones in your system by injecting it with HCG. This can present HCG diet dangers because after pregnancy, your body is already readjusting to the delivery of the baby, lactating and trying to go back to normal. You may be affecting your reproductive system and not be aware of it.


It can be uncomfortable


Aside from the HCG diet dangers associated with the plan, this isn’t an easy way to lose weight. The calorie restriction but the limited number of items you can eat can prove to be boring and impractical for many. Also, having to inject the hormone or take it in drops may not be suitable for your active lifestyle.


It may not be necessary


Originally, the HCG hormone is administered in the body by injection. However, if you don’t like the injection method, you may not like the idea of injecting yourself human growth hormones. Also, some studies have shown that the use of the hormones may not necessarily be effective. In studies where dieters were given the placebo and one group given the HCG hormone, the placebo showed groups that had the same weight loss results as those who were on the hormone and were not significantly greater.


It goes against the natural instinct to take things slowly


After giving birth, the natural inclination is to rest, recover and take care of the newborn. The natural instinct is to nurse the baby to provide it with the much needed antibodies and nutrients. By cutting back on the calories, limiting the types of food consumed and taking in hormones, it goes against what you may be naturally and biologically inclined to do. Aside from this, there can be HCG diet dangers that have yet to be uncovered, especially since studies on lactating women haven’t been done. The body isn’t designed to lose weight quickly.

Before beginning any type of weight loss diet or exercise plan, consult your doctor first and be aware of risks involved. This way, you can find a holistic and more natural way losing weight tips that will be effective, give you incredible results and won’t put you or your baby’s health in danger. It’s better to enjoy healthy life style than to subject your body to HCG diet dangers and other drastic weight loss means. Even when you look at yourself and think “lose weight lose weight”, you have to remember that at the end of the day, it’s more important that you were able to deliver a happy and healthy baby.


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