Is It Really Possible To Lose Weight in a Week?

A lot of people have been raving about this new kind of diet trend, the HCG weight loss program. Many people have been searching the Internet if it is really possible to lose weight in just one week. Because of this, concerned experts lobby people to avoid this kind of weight loss diet, as HCG diet dangers can be risky and deadly. Though there may be possible threats and risks in obeying HCG diet program, these may be avoided if the proper methods are done as prescribed by your health specialist.

So let us delve in deeper on why a lot of people are looking lose weight techniques over the Internet and finding out about information on HCG diet.


What is the HCG Diet?


As synergized by Dr. Simeons, it is a method or formula using HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone which is commonly found in pregnant women. This hormone tricks the body as if it is pregnant.

The reason why this can be beneficial in weight loss is that similar with pregnancy, HCG hormones are produced to ensure the health of the mother and the baby, properly receiving nutrients they need by eliminating stored fat in providing the extra nutrients beneficial to them. Thus, in HCG diet program, the body will feel as if it is pregnant, starve and quickly burn stored fat to be utilized for the lack of calories necessary to stay in shape.


HCG diet dangers Finally Exposed – What are the Risks?


HCG diet dangers would mainly be caused by not following the regimen as prescribed. Many of those who experience health risks due to HCG diet have not been using the shots and droplets the way they should be. When dieters become obsessed on losing weight and achieving their dream body, HCG diet dangers kick in.

If you have gotten here asking if HCG diet is safe or not, well, we cannot be a hundred percent sure about that. Weighing up the positives and negatives of this weight loss treatment is all we can do to prevent HCG diet dangers.

According to some health officials, no scientific evidences have proven that this type of diet actually works. Choosing this can give adverse effects and pose dangers to our health.  However, there are also doctors with good reputation who have employed the method to their patients, and that they have seen them lose weight quickly. This method had actually worked to those obese patients who cannot get motivated and are not able to take other weight loss measures such as band surgery or the natural means. A lot of people has already raved about this type of diet online and because of the fact that they had positive results, they feel they are obligated to spread the news about their success.


Tips on How to Avoid HCG diet dangers


Learning how to use the HCG injections and drops and how they work would help us better in possibly reducing risks caused by this diet. HCG injections would minimize hunger, thus enabling you to obey a low-calorie diet plan at the HCG weight management bodily hormone phase. But, for maximum effect and to avoid HCG diet dangers, these supplements need to be taken in carefully and shall be used as indicated by your doctor.

A lot of dieters who have become addicted to slimming are in great risk to face HCG diet dangers when they use multiple products to ensure quicker slimming. This is a wrong concept. Taking in more than the right quantity, our system may get immune from the HCG injection or drops therapy that it may result to disappointment, when the weight loss plan backfires.

When this happens, the worse things that could happen when you overdose in the diet are that you may have significant mood swings, experience tiredness and fatigue coupled with throbbing headache. These are similar responses from normal limited calorie diet programs, without having HCG, so the effect of HCG becomes futile.

The HCG weight loss technique would definitely not work when you just do it when you feel like it. You need not rely on the injections or drops solely. You should be able to eat the correct healthy foods and couple it with proper exercise. Diet drops injections are methods of implementing HCG weight-reduction program. It is better if you use HCG drops as improper mixing or injecting can occur if you use shots. This can cause pain and soreness at your injection locations.

If a person wants to slim down, the best way is to follow the protocols and respect the firm methods that this diet program possesses.


Go for HCG Diet?


Well, being overweight poses a lot of dangers to our health. It is up to you if you are going for this kind of diet. HCG diet dangers only occur when you practice the procedures wrongly. But in terms of advantage and achieving the goal to get rid of excess weight, a lot of people has found it to be an effective method especially that it can let you lose weight in a short span of time.

Though there can be safer means of achieving the body figure you have been dreaming of, this kind of diet is recommended if you want to slim down quickly. However, HCG diet dangers and risks can occur in this short amount of time, unless you don’t obey the proper procedures. In this case, the advantages that it would bring to our health would outweigh the HCG diet dangers. The question is if fast weight worth risk the HCG diet could possibly impose.

If this does not work for you, and if you feel like you’re overdoing it, there are other ways in reducing weight. It only depends on you if you can make it or not. Just make sure that you are properly informed on the effects of these dietary plans on your body. Also, always check doctor prescription and consult him once in a while to avoid the diet dangers tagged with this controversial method.


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