Is the hCG 500 Calorie per day diet healthy?

Is the hCG 500 Calorie per day diet healthy? That’s a tough question and I believe it deserves real scrutiny. I for one don’t want to be on a diet that is harmful or unhealthy!
Recently a friend of mine voiced this exact concern about the hCG Diet that I thought was important to address. He’s contemplating doing the hCG Diet and was discussing it with his wife. She’s pretty health conscious and loves her husband so, when she saw that the diet called for very low calorie diet (VLCD) of 500 calories per day she said, “Hun, I don’t think that’s healthy.” And she’d be right… in almost any other circumstance if someone was only consuming 500 calories per day.


Short Answer:


When hCG is present in the body, male as well as female, the body is able to tap into its stored fat and utilize it. When combined with a 500 calorie-a-day restricted diet, the person gets the calories they need from their stored fat instead of the food they ingest. They burn 3500-4000 calories of stored fat daily which equates to losing 0.5 - 1kgs every day!

Do you really want to understand how this happens and why the hCG Diet seriously rocks socks? I thought so! Even though it’s kind of a lengthy article, you’ll want to read the rest of it WORD FOR WORD.

So hold on to your chair because we’re about to go deep into how hCG works! Even though it’s probably more information than what you need or even want, I think you’ll realize just like millions of others how powerful and effective hCG is once you read this article.

Let me set the stage of why hCG is so potent as a dietary aid by giving a brief explanation of what it is and the history that led to discovering its effectiveness at helping folks drop kilos and centimeters like it’s going out of style!


History of hCG:


In 1927, researchers discovered that pregnant women’s urine contained a substance not normally present outside of pregnancy: human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG. This represented the first modern pregnancy test, and to this day, we still check urine for signs of hCG to determine pregnancy.

hCG may play many roles, but the one function it performs that we’ll focus in on is guaranteeing that a developing fetus receives the calories and nutrients it needs to grow, nearly independent of the daily caloric intake of the pregnant woman in those early developmental months. How does it do this? (Don’t worry fellas… hCG isn’t going to turn you into a raging ball of hormones. It’s just as safe for you to take as it is for women.)

There’s a reason you crave fatty foods! Our bodies like to maximize caloric intake in case lean times are ahead. In the case of women, excess calories tend to wind up in “problem” areas such as the hips, buttocks, abdomen and thighs. (For men, those problem areas tend to be more in the chest, abdomen, and saggy buttocks.) However, once pregnant, fat from these areas is released in the presence of hCG, and this fat then makes its way to the fetus. This way, if a woman doesn’t consume the nutrients needed for fetal growth, her fat reserves will suffice. However, structural fat such as that found in the face or layered beneath the entire skin, isn’t affected.

hCG is produced by a woman early in her pregnancy, and levels of hCG in the bloodstream peak at around 14 weeks. After that, levels gradually decrease. HCG’s presence in a pregnant woman seems to occur in the timeframe when she would be least likely to know she is pregnant, and therefore least likely (especially in ancient — and leaner — times in human history) to be consciously trying to secure nutrients to sustain a pregnancy.

Furthermore, hCG was found to be gonadotrophic, meaning that it prompts genital development, and was soon used as a treatment for boys experiencing a delay in adolescence or genital development due to disorders of the pituitary gland.


Introducing Dr A.T.W. Simeons:


The only reason all of that is even remotely relevant to our discussion is because it was during that research in the 1950s when one doctor, A.T.W. Simeons, noticed that boys being treated with hCG for underdeveloped gonads were also able to lose excess weight by eating much less without any accompanying hunger pangs. His interest in hCG soon shifted to its potential as a diet aid, and he published a paper touting its effects, as well as developing a dietary regiment for use of the drug as a weight-loss tool. Those findings are published in his book “Pounds & Inches”. The diet protocol he developed is the same one followed today and is known as the hCG Diet..


Role Of The Hypothalamus:


One of the main benefits of the hCG Diet is that you effectually reprogram your hypothalamus gland in relation to how your body uses the food that it ingests. So what does that mean?

Well, the hypothalamus is a very complex part of the brain the size of an almond and is often referred to as “the brain of the brain.” The main function of the hypothalamus is homeostasis, or maintaining the body’s status quo. Factors such as blood pressure, body temperature, fluid & electrolyte balance, and body weight are held to precise values called set-points.

It’s important to understand that the hypothalamus controls your metabolism and that by following the hCG diet protocol you can reset your body’s metabolism. That means when you’re done with the diet regiment and resume a higher caloric intake, your body’s metabolism is reset at a higher level so it burns the calories you intake on a daily basis instead of storing them in the form of fat.

Of course a balanced diet and exercise are both highly recommended to maintain your weight loss as well as living a healthy life. There’s no sense in losing weight to just gain it all back due to poor choices.


Simplified Explanation:



When hCG is present in the body, male as well as female, the body is able to tap into its stored fat and utilize it. When combined with a 500 calorie-a-day restricted diet, the person gets the calories they need from their stored fat instead of the food they ingest. They burn 3500-4000 calories of stored fat daily which equates to losing 1-2 pounds every day!

hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a hormone produced naturally in the body. It's primary functions is to ensure that a growing fetus within a pregnant woman receives enough nutrients to grow and develop normally. It does this by making the extra fat stores found in the mother's body available for use. The mother's body is then able to use this fat for nutrients and energy regardless of her daily caloric intake. This is why women can throw up for three months straight during "morning sickness" and the baby does not suffer. Pregnancy is the only time hCG is found in the body.

Many people want to know if they can be comfortable on a calorie restriction diet of 500 calories per day. One of the miracles of hCG is that a person feels comfortable eating only 500 calories per day while taking the hCG drops. While on the hCG diet, appetite is suppressed and most clients feel as if they are stuffing themselves on 500 calories a day.

Trying this very low calorie diet (VLCD) without the use of hCG would normally lead to trouble within two or three days because side effects of starving yourself include insomnia, lethargy, headaches, loss of mental clarity, severe fatigue, and so on!

In fact if you restrict your diet to 500 calories per day without following the rest of the protocol it would normally be highly detrimental to not only your health, but your weight loss as well due to the fact that the body goes into starvation mode and tries everything at its disposal to keep you alive for as long as possible. In that case the brain tells the body to preserve the fat stores for as long as possible and instead goes after a more readily available source of amino acids for fuel – your muscle mass. So you lose weight, but not fat.

The magic of the hCG diet is that you burn the calories you need from your own body’s fat stores instead of from the food you eat! It’s like your body transforms into a fat burning machine! While on the hCG diet, individuals usually sleep sounder, feel better and more energetic than they did before they started the hCG diet, and most of all drop weight like mad! It’s worked for countless other clients and we’re confident it will for you as well!



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